Regenerative solutions


Calcium Phosphate , Synthetic Bone Graft

Osteoconductive resorbable synthetic bone graft material.

  • INNO-CaP is an osteoconductive synthetic resorbable bone graft material consisting of Calcium Phosphate.
  • INNO-CaP is completely resorpted and progressively replaced by normal-structured bone in the healing period.

Excellent Biocompatibility and Conductivity.

  • The characteristic biocompatibility and conductivity of the INNO-CaP represent the most safety.

InnoGenic® Wifi-Mesh

  • The InnoGenic® Wif i-Mesh is a non-resorbable barrier membrane to be applied over intraoral defects, especially, tooth extraction and bone augmented sites.
  • The InnoGenic® Wif i-Mesh is made of proprietary 100% PTFE, the polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon) sheet which is a biologically inactive and tissue compatible material 
  • The InnoGenic® Wif i-Mesh is reinforced with titanium frames (Titanium Gr II, ASTM F 67) embedded between two layers of PTFE sheets.
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